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A formula for calculating CAM- Common Area Maintenance fees

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  • A formula for calculating CAM- Common Area Maintenance fees

A formula for calculating CAM- Common Area Maintenance fees

Every complex has a unique system for collecting maintenance fees. An explanation of the common area upkeep components is provided below. For common area upkeep, there are both fixed expenses and variable costs. A reasonable and acceptable foundation should be used to distribute the variable and fixed costs. Fixed maintenance expenses are those that apply regardless of the number of residents or occupancy in the housing society. These expenses are required to maintain a housing society’s facilities and are rather steady over time (one year).

Complex office

If the constructor has set aside a space specifically again for a complex office, it can only be utilized for the needs of the complex.

Let’s keep all the documents and information secure. Please close the office and only allow authorized people access.

We strongly advise leaving the second copy of any key documents with a trusted individual outside of the workplace.

It is advised to obtain insurance for the office building and all of its contents. These are some of the volunteers who can, with the approval of the management committee, give some room within their house for complicated papers in the event that a tiny, single, and standalone structure is not large enough to accommodate a complex office.

Compound Wall, Security Gate, and Boundary

Security is necessary for safety and alertness. Security personnel should keep a close eye on the boundary walls and security gate. There are several gates in some complexes. The greatest technique to ensure a complex has the highest level of security is Single-entry and Single-exit.

Guidelines for duties that security guards may be assigned include:

  • Keeping track of who enters the complex’s grounds.
  • Keep everyone inside the complex compound without trespassing.
  • Securing the entire complex and its residents from theft.
  • The security guard is responsible for managing traffic and avoiding backups caused by cars on or near apartment property.
  • Turning on and off public lighting.
  • The provision of water as necessary.
  • The use of a generator as necessary.
  • The operation of elevators in the event of an electrical outage.
  • The use of firefighting tools as necessary.
  • Any extra duties determined by the complex’s governing body.

Lawn and Garden

Care must be taken to maintain any allocated grass or garden space inside the complex. Here are some recommendations.

  • Give the plants proper, sporadic watering. Evaporation-related water loss can be minimized by drinking water in the late evening or early morning.
  • Refrain from overwatering. The grass shouldn’t be soggy or marshy.
  • Mowing the soggy lawn is not advised.
  • Consistently mow the grass in a different method than you did the prior time. It promotes more even grass growth.
  • It is advised to regularly inspect the irrigation system to look for leaks, damaged lines, and improperly pointed sprinklers.
  • Sprinkler heads need to be clean in order to give water continuously.
  • Care should be taken when watering plants, cleaning apartments, and other tasks to ensure that fluid does not leak from balconies and impact people on lower levels, people on the street below, parked automobiles, and the building’s outside surface.
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