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Interior decoration of building structure

It is possible to decorate a room without endangering the structure of the entire building.

The weight on the structure is increased if a marble / new tiles are placed on top of the current tiles. For the purpose of running ducts to establish an air conditioner, no core trimming should be performed in beams, columns, or slabs.

Avoid using a wall garden, rooftop garden, or rooftop garden provided your building is specifically constructed for them. They may not be apparent to you, but they can cause seepage, leakage, and rusting of the steel utilized in the building.

Additionally, certain alterations that alter the buildings outside appeal, such as those to the windows, window grilles, or main the front door, the railings on the terrace, the external artwork, etc.

Audit structural

After thirty years from the day of the occupation certificate, an extensive structural examination of the entire structure is required. After 15 years, some complexes decide to make this change.

The quality and lifespan of the structure will be determined by timely maintenance carried out in the early years.

It is crucial to keep track of every record of the maintenance work done in order to make this easier. For this process, you may enlist the assistance of a qualified structural designer company.

Surrounding and complex

Coordinating Council for the Complex

The builder has the option of establishing a society or an association of apartments. Kindly direct to your contract with the developer for details on your arrangement. Once the developer turns over possession to the residents, the complex’s governing body should take control. Visit the Registrar of Organization’s website for further details regarding the creation of the organization, the governing committee, and how it operates.

Controlling the Complex Assets

Residents of the complex are in charge of setting up a managing committee to look after the developer-acquired property. Regular reviews of AMCs are necessary. The following is a list of the tools and resources your developer could offer. Please cite your consent to the same. This list might not be all-inclusive.

The complex must closely adhere to the rules set out by the Municipal Council for Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Fire Department on fire safety compliance. A record should be kept for future use and routine checks should be carried out.

Rules for modifications that are not allowed by laws or complicated rules

  • The total load current in the unit rises as a result of electrical wiring modifications. Electrical wiring alterations increase the number of outlets available for DG backup in each apartment, thus they are not permitted unless specifically permitted by the complex, and the capacity of the DG sets may not necessarily be increased to accommodate this change.
  • Because it alters the building’s height, open cabling outside the sidewalls is not permitted.
  • Changes that impact the building’s outward visual appearance such as updating the windows, window-grills, and the front door, railings on terraces, external artwork, etc.
  • kets and carrom coins, balls, and so on.
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