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Upkeep & maintenance of a building structure

Upkeep & maintenance of a building structure

Periodic maintenance and repair of the paint on the structures is required. Buildings should be painted every 5 to 6 years. It contains elastomers that seal fractures and gaps and prevent new fractures from forming.

Cracks with seepage can cause long-term structural damage to a building. Taking excellent care of your residence will prevent it from deteriorating.

Thermal fluctuations cause some fractures. In certain cities, the temperature variation within 24 hours in winter may be more than 15 degrees Celsius. This causes the material used in building to expand and shrink. Thermal cracks are common in the first 3-4 years owing to thermal stress. Please do not be alarmed. This is a natural climate occurrence.

Filling gaps with elastomeric sealant while painting is critical because it avoids water seepage and degradation of steel and concrete utilized as a result of seepage. Putty, cement, or plaster of Paris should not be used to fill cracks. These are non-elastic materials, and cracks might reappear. Cracks should be sealed using a sealant. A waterproofing service provider may be able to supply you with a better option. They may not resurface once they have been filled.

Shrubs, plants, and grass may grow freely in building cracks. These plants have the potential to enlarge building fractures over time. As a result, it is best to ban the development of any vegetation on the building structure.

Protection from termite

Consider anti-termite treatment to be termite insurance. There is no such thing as termite resistant buildings, therefore no home, old or new, wood, concrete, brick, or slab, is immune from termites. Proper steps have been made to avert termite attack, yet expensive furniture, clothes, books, papers, and plastic insulation serve as a suitable alternative for termite natural diet. As a result, anti-termite treatment (pest control) of your furniture, new or old, is recommended on a regular basis. Rather than expecting that termites will not attack, ensure that they will be unable to do so.

Interior Design and Structural Alterations

Any structural, electrical, or plumbing upgrades should be done in conjunction with a qualified specialist. Any alterations done without consulting the blueprints or a consultant might be hazardous to the building’s construction and stability. These modifications will have a detrimental influence on the overall stability of the structure. If you hire another civil engineer to advise you on making structural changes, make absolutely sure he/she assumes full responsibility for the overall architectural inspection of the building once the changes are made, not just the responsibility for the changes made.

Electrical wiring modifications increase the overall current rating in the flat. Modification of electric wires increases the number of outlets on the DG backup capacity of individual flats, thus it is not permitted unless otherwise approved by the complex, and the intricate will not necessarily expand the DG set capacity to accommodate this change.

If any remodelling/interior fit-out work is done in the unit, please dump of the varnish or polish and paint separately, rather than in the drainage system.

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