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Maintenance tips for escalator owners

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Maintenance tips for escalator owners

At any large commercial lot that welcomes hundreds of visitors every day needs the help of robust escalators. Escalators are an important feature of large and tall buildings with multiple stories to go to the next ground without climbing stairs. They are the must-have feature of large and busy airports where passengers have to reach from one floor to another along with luggage. As compared to elevators, escalators are more popular and useful as they can carry many people in one go. Moreover, it is the preferred choice of those who suffer from suffocation in enclosed spaces like an elevator. As per expert Abu Dhabi facility management companies, since escalators have a heavy duty to perform, their maintenance needs special attention. Read below to understand common issues in escalators and tips to ensure maintenance of the escalators.


Power Supply

The escalators rely on the continued power supply without any disruption. Frequent or sudden changes in voltage can damage the motor system and can ultimately hurt the entire escalator system. The escalators that are used for carrying heavy loads and elevating to the highest possible grounds need an uninterrupted power supply which frees of halts and breaks. To secure the escalators, it is important to pay heed to the power supply system that is installed to support the escalator.


Bearing breakdown

One of the common issues that the escalators have to bear is the breakdown of bearings over time. A common sign of weak bearing is the noise coming out of the escalator. If not addressed and repaired in time, the rustic bearings can bring down the entire motor system of the escalator. So, it is highly recommended to pay attention to the noise coming from the bearings.


Worn Sheaves

One of the crucial components of the escalator is a sheave that acts as a pulley to ensure the moment of the escalator. With time and excessive load, the sheave can potentially wear down and become weak. As part of the maintenance services, it is important to check the sheaves of the escalators to ensure they are fine.


Contamination of Oil

Oil or lubricants are important to run the escalators just as they run a car or an elevator. For the maintenance of the escalator, it is integral to check the contamination in oil or the lubricant used. If the small metal particles manage to infiltrate the oil or the lubricants, it is likely to affect their performance.


Safety Lighting

During the maintenance, it is also important to ensure that the safety lighting installed in the escalator is working fine. The safety functions must work and alarm before the happening of any incident. So, recheck the lighting system in the maintenance service.


Check Repairs

This is the most basic and common of any maintenance job. Check for broken parts, switches, handrails, etc. that need fixing. The minor problems you ignore today are bound to become huge issues in the future.


If you are in search of Escalator maintenance companies in UAE to carry out the maintenance of your escalator, reach out to us at Fix Foundation.

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