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Safety Tips for Escalators

Escalators have made life easy for many users all over the world. You can find escalators at hospitals, malls, tourist places, plazas, airports, offices, courts, or any other place in any developed country that welcomes several visitors on daily basis. It is considered the best alternative to long stairs to reach higher floors without getting tired. Even it is a preferred mode of transport as compared to an elevator as it has more room to carry people to the other point. Moreover, unlike an elevator, you don’t have to wait long in the queue for the return of the elevator to take you to the destined floor. All you have to do is to step in and reach the next floor without moving. Its simplicity is what makes it popular in all public places. However, just like any other mode of transportation, it too has some risks attached to it. As per Abu Dhabi facility management companies, falls from escalators and other such incidents are reported from all around the world therefore it is important to pay attention to some important safety tips before stepping on the escalator.

Check the direction – before stepping on the escalator, check if it is going in your destined direction. Confusion in this regard will only embarrass and won’t take you to the next floor, literally.

Middle Point – instead of standing on either side, stand in the middle to keep a balance. Also, avoid dragging your feet to the side, standstill till you take off.

Be Quick – Escalators are always on the move in use. So, if you have to step on it you have to do it fast, and especially, if you have to get off it, you have to be quick. Be ready to take a step when the last step is closing.

Handrail– Keep a grip on the handrail while standing on the step to avoid flipping or losing balance. Also, avoid leaning onto the handrail or sitting on it.

Keep hold of belongings – Shoelaces, scarves, threads, mittens, and drawstrings, are some of the things that have a high chance of getting stuck in the escalator steps. Watch out for loose ends.

Exit promptly – it is not just for your safety but for those after you as well. Exit the escalator promptly and move on quickly to let others come without blocking their way. It could do serious damage such as a stampede in the worst cases.

Kids – hold the hands of your kids and don’t allow them to climb the steps while on the move.

Wear Shoes – Never climb the escalators barefoot, always wear shoes.

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