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Services offered by a Property Management Company

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There are many Abu Dhabi facility management companies ready to take the responsibility of handling the rentals of large commercial or residential units. These companies offer different types of maintenance services varying from company to company. Some of the most demanded and offered property management services are as follows;


One of the major duties of Property Management Companies is handling the rental matters. Once you have hired the property management company, you don’t need to worry about rental matters any longer. The property managers take complete responsibility for preparing the property for showing, screening the potential tenants, picking up the best one for your property, negotiating the rental as per your directions and conditions, making the contract, collecting the monthly rent (or quarterly as agreed upon), communicating between the landowner and tenant, and ensuring the acquittal of the tenant from the property on the exact day as decided in the agreement. Hiring the property management company takes the entire rental burden off your shoulders.

Property Maintenance

Property maintenance is a huge responsibility that a property management company is ready to take especially in the case of large property units such as malls or commercial plazas during the rental. There are multiple aspects of property maintenance that vary from company to company. For instance, it can offer the following services as part of the maintenance services;

Advertising & Marketing

To connect with clients more effectively, property management companies take the help of advanced ways such as marketing and advertising. They offer an online presence as well as conventional tools to display the properties for more viewings and increase the chances of getting the attention of a diverse clientele.

Safety Security

Some property management services also take the responsibility of ensuring the safety and security inside the building. They do so by installing security cameras, access systems, fire safety systems, alarms, motion detectors, and so on.

Legal Process

In UAE, it is imperative to bring the rental deals into the legal system to avoid foul plays, scams, or conflicts. It is pertinent to inform the authorities about the new tenants in the house so that they could ensure a law and order situation and take decisions based on complete information. It is the responsibility of the property managers to complete the due legal process during the rental process.

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