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Significance of Facility Management Services within Shopping Centers

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Significance of Facility Management Services within Shopping Centers

UAE is famous in the world for its extravagant shopping malls scattered over different cities including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Whether it is a big shopping mall in the heart of the city like the Mall of Dubai, or hundreds of small ones in different neighborhoods, being luxurious and classic are the common traits of them all. The extravagant malls and shopping centers in UAE make the land recognized in the world as a shopping heaven. However, being extravagant is not easy. It requires extra effort that is possible only with top-notch services for Property maintenance Abu Dhabi. These property maintenance services are paramount to attracting more visitors and retaining the level of customer satisfaction throughout the year.

 What is Facility Management?

Facility management refers to a comprehensive set of services with the integration of people, technology, and a process. Facility management services provide specialized services to manage large buildings sneering efficiency and quality in the process. These services include;

  • Parking Management
  • Security Management
  • Housekeeping
  • Cash Management
  • Maintenance and Repair works
  • Cleaning Services
  • And so on

Different facility management companies offer different services such as some cover basic amenities while others cover luxury services as well.

 Facility Management Services for Shopping Malls

If people seek to mall for shopping, it is because they want to enjoy their time as well as a good shopping experience. They could buy things from open markets as well but the reason why they go to malls or shopping centers is the ambiance. As compared to the markets, shopping malls are more convenient for visitors to shop without having to worry about traffic, uneven paths and alleys, weather, and so on. Some of the high-end malls in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are so entertaining that you could spend an entire day there without getting bored. We all are guilty of spending hours in the malls even if we don’t have to buy anything. But here is a question: Would you go to a shopping mall if it has;

  • Out-of-work escalators & elevators
  • Out-of-work air-conditioning system
  • No designated space for parking
  • Unclean Restrooms
  • Broken tiles
  • No dine-in space
  • … and so on

Based on our interaction with customers, we can safely say that no one likes the visit a shopping mall if it has any or all of the above issues. People come to the mall to enjoy a comfortable shopping experience that is hard to find in open markets. Ensuring these facilities is the prime responsibility of the building owners but they are unable to fulfill it due to other commitments. This is where the help of Abu Dhabi facility management companies comes into play. The facility managers along with their teams supervise all these aspects of the building to ensure comfort and leisure within the mall. In nutshell, it is safe to say that large shopping centers run the risk of losing their customers without a proper facility manager.


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