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Welcoming Fall in Dubai

Welcoming Fall in Dubai

Summer officially ended in Dubai at the end of September. While the traces of heat are still there, the evenings are becoming more pleasant which is the biggest hint of arrival in the fall season in Dubai. Dubai is not famous in the world for the diversity in its climate as it remains hot most time of the year. You will only feel a slight decrease in temperature during fall and spring and chilly nights in winter. The start of October reminds the people living in Dubai to get ready to embrace winter. It is also the right to get some cleaning job either yourself or by cleaning services Abu Dhabi. So what you can do to get ready for winter and bid goodbye to summer? Read to know how to welcome the fall season in Dubai.

Get rid of extra clothes

One of the common things all of us do to enter another season is that we pack our clothes and take out the ones needed in the upcoming season. This fall, we ask you to check your clothes before start packing. You need to give away those clothes that you no longer need or don’t fit you anymore. There is no need to clutter your attics, storages, or cupboards, with clothes that serve no purpose. There are a lot of needy people who need clothes of good quality. So before you start packing, you need to sort those out that need to go to charity.

Clean & Cover Air Conditions/Fans

In the upcoming days, the usage of air conditioning and fans is likely to reduce. As you are no longer going to need them, you should clean them thoroughly. Once you have cleaned them, you should get them covered. Since they won’t be in use till next season, they are likely to catch dust and girth which could clog machinery over time.

Trim Lawns

The autumn season is widely called fall because in this season plants shed leaves. So, you must trim the plants, and mow the lawn on time to stay clear of fallen leaves. Once these leaves pile up, it becomes a hiding nest for many pests. It also makes the place looks untidy and congested.

Deep Clean 

Before the winter officially begins, you should avail the fall season to thoroughly clean the house. Many pests that love to roam in open during summer, look for hideouts and holes to seek shelter in winter. That’s why fall is the perfect time to thoroughly clean the house and look for corners and holes that are an open invitation for pests to hide. If you are interested in making the house cozy this winter, utilize the time to take our comfy seats, carpets, and rugs.

Autumn is the best season to do some home cleaning. As the weather is pleasant not too hot or too cold, it is easier to work without getting tired. If you are looking for an additional hand to prepare your large building for the upcoming season, you can seek help from Property maintenance Abu Dhabi services available at Fix Foundation.  

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